Synergy Self Defence and Fitness

Black Tigers – Mixed Martial Arts

11 – 17 years olds

Some hear the terms Mixed Martial arts or ‘MMA’ and instantly think of two people in a cage, competing for a submission or knockout.   Yes, that is a part of modern Martial Arts.  But it’s a very small aspect of Mixed Martial Arts and far removed from the Synergy Black Tigers program.

Mixed Martial Arts is everything we have ever wanted in a Martial Art, and more.  We have always been on a journey to understand Self Defence through the teaching of Martial Arts.  Mixed Martial Arts gives us the opportunity to do that.

Synergy ‘Black Tigers’  explores the following Martial Arts:

  • Wrestling
  • Brazilian Jujitsu
  • Mauy Thai
  • Taekwondo

We also build some ‘real strength’ in our Black Tigers.

  • Core Strength
  • Functional speed and power
  • And, yes, their cardio will be taken care of!

We consider the Black Tiger’s age at between 11 -17yrs, a very important and impressionable time in their lives. It’s the period where they walk into the high school arena.  As parents, we all remember what that was like! The Black Tiger MMA program, gives us the opportunity to challenge these kids in a physical and mental way.  To take them out of their comfort zone, in a controlled environment.  All the while building resilience with a ton of fun along the way!

Our goal is to build ‘confidence’, not ‘ego’.  We help our students identify a ‘bully’, or bullying behavior, and we encourage self reflection on their own behaviours.  Even as adults, we can all remember a time where we witnessed or were  a victim of bullying behavior.  If it’s one thing we take more seriously than the technical aspect of Martial Arts, it’s the discipline and respect that comes with those techniques. With these new found skills that our Black Tigers will be learning, will come some lessons, focussed primarily on safety and behavioral elements.

Our philosophy has always been; the better our skills become in Martial Arts, the less we want or need to test them in the real world.  We teach our students the responsibility that comes with learning the skills to defend themselves. They find the inner comfort and quiet confidence that you acquire, and carry with you, that if you did have to defend yourself or your loved ones,  you would do what you had to do to survive that situation.

Class Times

Black Tigers – Tuesday & Thursday 5.50pm-6.50pm