Synergy Self Defence and Fitness

Synergy’s Mixed Martial Arts Program

Welcome to an exciting new age of Martial Arts!

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact sport incorporating techniques from various forms of martial arts and includes boxing, kicking and grappling techniques.  It is sometimes referred to as ‘cage fighting’ and you will notice our full-sized cage (octagon) when entering Synergy.  Those that have never seen MMA or don’t know a lot about it often believe it is for ‘meatheads’ and that those fighting are just thugs slugging it out against each other in a cage. This is completely inaccurate and is a very jaded view of the sport.

The Synergy program has been designed to cater for all ages and experience levels.  We start with kids as young as 3 years old in our Tiny Tigers program and continue all the way up to adults. Yes, grandparents are welcome too!  You don’t need to be fit to start our program.

Find out more about our programs:

MMA (adults – 17 and above)

Tigers Martial Arts Program (3 to 17 years)