Adults – 17 and above

Synergy’s Head Coach, Craig Bath, believed that for him to become an amazing coach he had to live, eat and train like a fighter. So Craig tracked down one of Australia’s leading MMA Coaches, Richie Cranny, Head Coach and Creator of the Wimp to Warrior program. Whilst Craig has no intention of pursuing a career as a professional MMA fighter, completing the process end to end has provided him with invaluable knowledge and insight that he can then pass on to future students and those who might hold the desire to compete.

The Synergy program has been designed to cater for all types of MMA enthusiast. We know you will fall into one of these categories;

  1. Curious, Keen and Slightly Concerned.
    Someone that has seen it, heard about it, and just wants to have a go, in a pressure free environment. We will make you sweat….that for sure!
  2. Lets get it on!
    Someone that wants to dive head first into the Martial Arts world and is looking to test themselves in our Belted MMA program. Whether it’s just to have a go at a grading, or wanting to go all the way to get that Black Belt.
  3. The MMA Competitor
    Someone who wants to put themselves through the ultimate physical and mental test. To see what it’s like to train and compete as a real fighter.

Regardless of what category you fall into, you will be welcomed and be able to train in a safe learning environment. On the mats, you will see there is a high standard of respect and humility between students. There is a genuine willingness to encourage others to learn and become better, as well as to improve fitness and take on challenging physical and mental goals.

So why not have a try of one of the fastest growing sports in the world? One that fosters discipline, fitness and camaraderie. All this in the most supportive and constructive environment you will find, anywhere!

Class Times

MMA – Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 5.30am to 6.30am

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