Synergy Self Defence and Fitness

Tiger Martial Arts

Tiny Tigers 3 – 6 years olds & Tigers 7 – 10 year olds

The Tiger Martial Arts Program is the combination of years of instruction and discovery.  It combines what we know works and more importantly, what does not work, when it comes to kids of all ages.  Our program focuses not only each child’s technical ability, we will also help develop their overall health and fitness.  It also helps to improve children’s balance, coordination, and power.

On top of all of that, our Tigers learn the real definition of self defence and will be introduced to our anti-bully strategies.

Carefully planned mayhem

Our classes present as spontaneous and creative, but are very carefully planned in advance.  We know how to keep kids focused, and pride ourselves on discovering the best approach and outcomes for each child, no matter how young.  Which means variety to keep them engaged, structure to keep them orientated and rewards to keep them motivated.

Because a kids class needs to be for kids!

Synergy has a huge range of props and training equipment and we use all of it!  We are constantly adding fresh drills to our repertoire. So whether it’s ladders, cones, paddles, kicking shields, hurdles or our senior students, our Tiny Tiger & Tiger classes are about creatively using what’s on hand to engage our students in the most productive and enjoyable ways possible.

Class Times

Tiny Tigers – Tuesday & Thursday 4.30pm-5pm

Tigers – Tuesday & Thursday 5pm-5.45pm