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Women Empowered

Next Session – Saturday 8th August 2020      12.00-2.00pm Bookings Essential 0402221015

We understand Self Defence is a serious and confronting topic, as such it needs to be handled with the right mix of knowledge, humour & passion. This is why we have created Women Empowered. It is our way of passing on our knowledge to anyone who wants to learn it, in a comfortable, pressure free environment.

Through years of self defence training, in several different styles of Martial Arts and Self Defence training, we have carefully picked techniques we believe, are the most realistic and effective in a threatening confrontation. We have strategies that will cover, both the physical and mental sides of Self Defence. 

Educate yourself, become more aware of your environment, control your adrenalin & avoid dangerous situations. Knowledge is power!  You will walk away feeling safer than you ever have before.

Great for mothers & daughters to do together or a group of friends.  We cater to ages 12 and above.  All you have to do is get a group of 10 or more together and we will do the rest.


Thank you so much to Synergy for coming out to Unilodge@ANU today and giving a group of us from the Women’s Portfolio an amazing and empowering introduction to self defence. Bronnie & Craig were charismatic, thoughtful and incredibly fun teachers that answered every one of our questions with great attitude and made what could be a really tough topic really memorable. The tips we learnt are downright invaluable. I also want to thank them for being so accommodating to us and answering all of my (many, many) organisational emails super quickly and positively. Just overall incredible people. I personally can not wait to see them again. Super dooper recommended. 

Madeline Lezon
Australian National University

The Women Empowered session was fantastic! The self defence techniques we learnt were simple, easy to remember and didn't require strength to execute. Did I mention we giggled A LOT? So glad I attended

Kim Murphy
Invincible Teenager

I have attended lots of gyms, kickboxing & others with both my kids & myself and nothing ever felt right. I’m not going to lie when I attended your self defense class I felt apprehensive and out of my comfort zone. Instantly I felt calm & accepted and I have never met you before. The ENERGY of the space was AWESOME not just from the both of you but your whole team. This program should be rolled out to all primary & secondary schools! Thank you for an amazing 2 hour crash course my new skills will stay with me for life